Who am I?


Roch D’Amour, admirer of free software and automation. I realized some cool projects in my spare time, and I have accumulated several contributions to open-source projects over time.

When I use a computer, I spend most of my time inside a terminal. It explains why my website looks like one. It just feels like home.

What I do

Currently, I am a student in Software Engineering at ÉTS. Also, I’m involved in a free software club, CEDILLE, which I became captain of after several semesters.

I mostly spend my time exploring new technology, writing configurations files or figuring out how to be lazy and save time in the near future. Being lazy is a skill: It forces you to automate the boring stuff.

This website is a compillation of thing I thought were interesting to share.

If you’re looking for me on github, I’m here!